Peace TOC

The Women’s Peace Table: The Vehicle to Grow the Movement 

Women’s Peace Tables will be the main symbol of the collective action of women.

Women’s Peace Tables- actual around tables and virtual tables- will be created by groups across the globe to enable as many women to participate in crafting the Women’s Global Peace Agenda to end war and build peace in the world. Together they will form the global movement to propel the women, peace, and security agenda forward in the United Nations and in individual countries .

The powerful social mobilization driven by the Global Campaign will support the advocacy program of the NGO Working Group at the UN which been at the forefront of the efforts to ensure the implementation of SC Resolution 1325. The strategic alliance with the NGO Working Group and the various international, regional and the national networks to be targeted by this campaign will ensure that the public awareness generated leads to a shift in policy and practice at the global, regional and national levels.

What are the components of the Women’s Peace Table? 

The women’s Peace Table is the organizing component of the #WomenSeriously global campaign on women, peace, and security. The global campaign has three major components called PeaceTOC -T for Teach; O for Organize; and C for Connect. These three components will be present in organizing Women’s Peace Tables. 

1. Teach people about creative and innovative ways to resolve conflict and build peace from a women’s perspective. Develop engaging ways to explain the roots of conflict in each area and how women are affected by them and how women are contributing to their resolution. This will start the conversation in the formation of the peace tables and this will also facilitate exchanges among various peace tables where women in one community/country can learn from other women in other communities/countries. These teaching tools will be made available on the global campaign website. An online forum will be made available for interaction. This component will ensure that the global movement the campaign is building will be composed of truly informed citizens who will be effective in influencing public policy and public opinion.

2. Organize Women’s Peace Tables in every member country of the UN, especially in countries with violent conflicts. There will be three kinds of Women’s Peace Tables to be organized:

(a) Campaign Secretariat-Initiated –these are tables in high profile conflict ares that will drive international media coverage to get people’s attention and engage public discussion on women’s agency on peace and security. Areas will be identified  by the Coveners’ Group and tables organized together with local partners and international networks working in the area. There will also be peace tables formed in key venues where public policy and public opinion are formulated. e.g. Washington, DC and at the United Nations In New York.

(b) Formed by Women and Peace Groups – those that will be formed spontaneously by tother groups joining the global campaign. They will be given a basic template of how to organize a Women’s Peace Table but they are free to incorporate their creative and innovative ways to fit their local situation.

(c) Special Events-Based– these tables will be formed and showcased during significant dates within the global campaign period such as the 100th Anniversary of the Beijing Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) in April 2015; 20th Anniversary of the Beijing Women’s Conference in August 2015; 10th Anniversary of the Peace Women Across the Globe (PWAG) in September 2015; Anniversary of the UNSCR 1325 in October 2015; Climate Change Conference in paris in December 2015. A series of Women’s Peace Tables happening simultaneously on a single day in historical sites around the world during “Take Women Seriously Day” in October 2015 is also proposed.

3. Connect local, regional, and global networks working on women, peace, and security through social media mobilization. People will be invited to sit at the table” virtually through the #WomenSeriously global campaign website. Each visitor to the website will be asked to join at least one Women’s Peace Table in an area of their choice and will be asked to do the following: (1) register contact information for the campaign database; (2) learn about the issues pertaining to the Women’s Peace Table and area s/he is interested in; (3) contribute resources or donate money to the information of the table.